Product Lines

  • Designed and Fabricated in Portland Oregon
  • Brewhouses from 10 BBL to 40 BBL
  • Fermenters and Brite beer tanks from 10 BBL to 400 BBL
  • Increase your annual input with a brewery expansion from MCF
  • Excellent temperature control during fermentation and cellaring
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Attention to functionality as well as aesthetics
  • Customer-proven designs and functionality

Brewhouse Features:

Mash & Mash Lauter tun
  • Star Bottom Mash/Lauter Tun: Increase brewhouse yield; up to 92% efficiency
  • Available with CIP/Underlet capability
  • Precision flowmeters; pressure sensors available
  • Grant and grant-less configurations built to suit customer’s needs
  • Each tun is engineered to the wort density requirements of our customer
  • Available with LED tank lights

Mash Mixers

  • Proven mixer design allows manageable step mashes;
  • Steam jacketed
  • Available with high-flow grist hydrator for quicker mash-in and better hydration
  • Reduces time required for multiple brew-days and increases mash performance
  • Available with LED tank lights

Kettle and Kettle/Whirlpool

  • Available in both direct fire and steam jacketed configurations
  • All steam kettles have the option of a steam fired calandria: allows increased evaporation and shorter boil times while stripping more DMS from the wort
  • Multiple levels of calandria functionality and capable of multiple kettle volumes
  • Sized for desired brite beer yield; i.e. a 10 BBL kettle = 10 BBL of finished beer yield post fermentation
  • Available as a combination kettle/whirlpool vessel
  • Available with volume sight glass and volume strip
  • Available with LED tank lights


  • Allows for shorter multiple brew-days
  • Designed with the ideal trub-pile formation geometry for better whirpool performance
  • Multiple wort draw-ports to insure a clear and trub-free knockout
  • Available with volume sight glass and volume strip
  • Tangential wort inlet for turbulence free whirlpool operation
  • Available with LED tank lights

Wort Heat Exchanger

  • Built in Auburn Washington by Thermaline
  • All stainless-steel construction
  • Available with 2-stage option for use with glycol; good for tight spaces where a cold liquor tank is unfeasible
  • Equipped with a globe valve for precise temperature control

Hot Liquor Tank

  • Available in multiple sizes based on brews/day
  • Steam heated versions feature high-efficiency outboard Thermaline Shell and Tube style heat-exchangers for optimal performance and quicker heating

Cold Liquor Tank

  • Available in multiple sizes based on brews/day
  • Heat exchanger and glycol jacketed designs available depending on customer’s needs

Hop Slurry Vessel

  • Designed to deliver hop pellets to the fermenter in an oxygen-free environment; vessel purges hops with CO2 before adding to beer
  • Eliminates climbing on ladders or man-lifts; much safer method than top loading hops
  • Hop payload can range from 44-440 pounds depending on customer needs
  • Eliminates long rest times post dry-hop as much as 3 days because the hop material is well distributed throughout the beer during operation
  • Easily transported with built in casters and a compact design
  • Functions much like a filter and is easy to use

MCF Product line

Brewhouses and Equipment (10bbl to 40bbl)

Direct Fired & Steam Brew Kettles
Kettle/Whirlpool Vessels
Mash Lauter Tuns
Mash Tuns
Lauter Tuns
Wort Grants
Hot Liquor Tanks
Cold Liquor Tanks
Caustic Tanks
Custom Brew Decks
Brewhouse Control Panel
Brewhouse Hard-piping, Motors, Pumps & Valves
Wort Coolers and Heat Exchangers
Hop Cannons



Cellar Vessels and Equipment (10bbl to 400bbl)

Fermentation Vessels
Bright Beer Tanks
Serving Tanks (Single Wall Bright Beer Tanks)
Portable Pump Carts
Temperature Controls


Grain handling Equipment

Grist Cases (free standing and suspended)
Auger Systems